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Our Finest Picks for Your Adorable Doggies

Latest Buying guides

We review every product that is vital for canine owners. Our unbiased buying guides offer ease and luxury to dogs.
Best Head Collars for Dogs

Best Head Collars for Dogs

Sadia SaleemMar 15, 2022133218 min read

Training your dog leash manners is easier with the help of these excellent tools. We…

Best Training Collars for Dogs

Best Training Collars for Dogs

Sadia SaleemFeb 20, 2022976

Dogs are adorable creatures. People love canines so much. However, sometimes these charming creatures become…

Best Electronic Training Collars by MDP

Best Electronic Training Dog Collars

Sadia SaleemFeb 11, 20221484

Whenever you get a new dog, it is hard to control them. Prong collars and…

Dog Breeds

Find the information about dog breeds, characteristics, history, temperament, care, and much more at my dog planet
boxer dog breed

Boxer Breed: Characteristics, Care, Info, and Maintenance

Danish ShahzadApr 22, 202220 min read

Boxer Introduction Have you ever come across a dog breed that is muscular, square-jawed, as well as family-oriented, and kid-friendly?…

Dog Food Guides

Expert Curated Food Guides, Best and Worst Foods for Your Canine Buddy
can dogs eat peach

Can dogs eat peaches? The answer might surprise you

Danish ShahzadNov 28, 202216 min read

Peaches are amazing! They’re juicy, delicious, and sweet—and they come in yellow, orange, red, and white varieties! You can eat…

Dog Collar Homepage Image

Dog Collars Buying Guides

Find best in class leather, martingale, and training dog collar reviews

dog crate and kennel reviews by my dog planet

Dog Houses Buying Guides

In-Depth Reviews for Dog Houses, Crates, and Kennels

Dog Grooming MDP Homepage

Grooming Buying Guides

We research to provide you best in class grooming products reviews

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