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Boston Terrier Breed: History, Care, Info, Facts, and Traits

The Boston terrier breed was basically originated in Boston. They crossed this breed in the late 1800s, and it was a huge success overall. Primarily, two dogs were crossed for the Boston terrier. These dogs, namely bulldogs, and the second one was an English white terrier. It is one of the most adopted American dog breeds. It is even considered the national dog of the United States of America. They are even known as Boston bulls. People call these breeds by different names.

Boston Terrier Breed: History, Care, Info, Facts, and Traits
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Breed Group: Non-Supporting

Life Span: 11 – 13 Years

Weight: 12 – 25 Pounds

Height: 15 – 17 Inches

Origin Date: 1800

Food: 1 Cup Daily

Food Cost: 30 – 40 USD/Month

Exercise (Daily): 1 Hour

Later on, dog lovers called this breed American bull terriers. However, some people were not happy with this and showed resistance. This breed got an official name after years in 1891. The official name of this breed is Boston terrier. At last, this dog breed was recognized, and the American Kennel Club gladly greeted this breed in 1893.

The dogs have long been studied as friendly and loving house pets and are known as the “American Gentleman” of dogs.

Boston was a familiar breed. Since 1960 Boston terrier has emerged. Some television commercials may be signs of a renewed interest in the breed. The dog was a mixture of an English Bulldog besides an English White Terrier.

The Boston Terrier breed has full and large chests. The eyes of these dogs are so adorable. They have big eyes. Usually, the color of the eyes is brown. The eyes of these dogs are different from other breeds. Their eyes tell tales, and they are full of expressions. Meanwhile, the tail of the Boston terrier is short and looks cute when curls. You can straighten the tail of the Boston terrier smoothly.


The height of a Boston terrier varies from age and size. It is different for males and females. However, the general height of the Boston terrier is about 16 inches tall.

  • Male: 15 to 18 inches
  • Female: 9 to 16 inches


Boston terriers grow pretty quickly. The weight of a Boston terrier at the age of 4 is almost 10 pounds. As they grow old, the weight keeps increasing. Moreover, at the age of 8 to 9 months, these Boston terriers weigh 19 to 20 pounds. However, generally, these dogs weigh around 10 to 25 pounds.

  • Male: 11 to 25 pounds
  • Female: 10 to 20 pounds

Life Span of Boston

The life of the Boston terrier can decrease due to health issues. However, with proper care, maintenance and love, they might live as long as 15 years. The age of the Boston terrier in human years is different. The 15 years of a Boston terrier is equivalent to 70 to 75 years of human life.

Coat and Color

This breed has various exquisite colors. It comes in blue, white, black, and black dotted patterns. The furs of the Boston terrier are not lengthy.

Additional Traits

  • Females are more brilliant and easier to train. However, instructing a male Boston terrier can be difficult. It is because of the playful nature of male Boston terriers.
  • Males bond well with all family members due to their sticky, fun, and loving nature. They can be a perfect choice if you give them protection. However, female dogs usually get attached to only one person, not everyone.
  • Females also do not like being given too much awareness. However, if you prefer a dog that acquires various qualities such as being more independent, concentrated, and a quick learner, think about getting a female Terrier.
  • Males are also perfect if you want a dog that reaches physical maturity quickly or loves pleasing its owner. On the contrary, female Boston terriers are not too needy.

High Temper

Known as the American Gentleman, the Boston Terrier is active, clever, and lovely with a kind, even temperament and can be stubborn, so endurance and consistency are definite musts when training.


Like every dog, the Boston Terrier needs early socialization showing to numerous different human beings, sights, sounds, and experiences when they are young. Socialization helps ensure that your Boston puppy grows up to be a well-balanced dog.

Kind Hearted

Boston Terriers are affectionate and faithful companions. They are friendly and a great breed for families since they are so kind-hearted and peaceful most of the time.


Boston Terriers are sufficient to expect they want your consciousness. They might inhale or reverse-sneeze, but barking generally is not a problem. Like, most things and immature socialization are central to developing good habits in your Boston Terrier. They are silent and want your attention.

Taking care of pets is a responsibility, not a privilege. They always rely upon us for various reasons such as food, training, exercising, etc. Therefore, being a guardian of them, you need to feel your commitment. Care can take many forms. We briefly outlined some of them below.

Shedding Level

The Boston Terrier breed does not shed often. Boston Terriers do lose fur, yet they do not shed unnecessarily as their short coat, small size, and nature of living inside dogs. Shedding is a natural process for a dog. It mainly happens during spring or fall. But, there are different ways they can do shedding all year long.


Boston Terriers are full of energy dogs and will do almost one hour of exercise every day. Boston maintains to be calm, good-tempered and is a happy house dog. They need exercise for an hour per day.


Boston terriers rarely shed. Therefore, you do not need to worry about hair everywhere. Clip the nail of this breed twice a week, and take proper care of cleanliness. Check ears and eyes regularly for any infections.

There is no specific time or restriction for bathing. If your dog is dirty, it’s better to wash them. This dog does not have a pungent odor. So there are no worries about smelly dogs.

It is not difficult to train the Boston terrier breed. You can solve all the personality issues with proper and consistent training of your dog. So, they are an intelligent breed that appreciates mental reinforcement. They are nice to their pet parents and don’t give them a hard time. 

Boston Terriers, with their mixed devotion and intelligence, are very trainable. They are frequently sensitive and dreadful in love with their owner. Reinforcement is the way to successful training.

You should feed grown-up Boston Terriers twice a day: one meal early in the morning and then late in the evening. There should be a tight schedule, and it’s best to keep away from giving your dog a refreshment in between these meals.

In the beginning, your dog will not eat a lot. As a Boston terrier grows, it feeds only one to two bowls(water and foodstuff). The cost of food products varies from 3 $ to 25 $. In general monthly food, supplies might cost 30 to 40 $. However, the price might fluctuate with adding other treats and supplements for a dog.

Best Food for Dogs

Homemade Diet: Feeding your dog with this kind of diet will allow you to add the best ingredients to the meal. Like, you could provide them with skinny meat, bones, and organs. You could also enjoy vegetables and nutritional supplements. These contain food like meat, potatoes, and rice. This food includes natural ingredients for healthy growth.

Natural ingredients: The healthy food source of natural ingredients is raw dog food. You can get them frosted or freeze-dried from some dog food outlets. On the other hand, you can make the food using accessible ingredients.

Hard Food: Assuming that your Boston Terrier has healthy teeth. Dogs have soft foods as their nutritional therapy. Sometimes, face bad Halitosis and tooth decay. Giving hard food will help uplift the appetite and provide the most favorable nutrition.

Food of human beings: This is perhaps risky, harmful, and could damage the health of a dog, and in severe cases, it can negatively affect life, leading to death. Like, small fish or chicken bones can get lumbering in your dog’s throat and cause it to strangle, human food could make it overweight and reveal it to health risks.

Wheat and Corns: Boston Terriers have sensitive skin and annoyance by allergic food reactions. Accordingly, you should avoid diets that include grains for an instant.

You can feed various other food items to your pup. These can be treats, fruits, or anything else. However, most people do not know what to feed a Boston terrier. We have a wide range of articles that tell which food is best for a dog. Must read these articles to know more about a dog’s eating tastes.

  1. Social: Boston Terriers are social animals and are freely trained by their partner. They like healthy interactions with other people and animals. They mostly love spending time with children and enjoying themselves. These quieter dogs are not as loud as other breeds.
  2. Easy to Train: Boston Terriers are brilliant dogs and are easily trained by their owner. They are avidly house-trained and can be trained completely in about six months. They love learning new things and are keen to do so.
  3. Full of Energy: Boston Terriers are small, sharp, active animals that like to interact and play. Sometimes this can change their personality, but most people enjoy their Terriers that are comparable.
  4. Loves to play: Boston terriers are quiet most of the time of the day. However, they love to play. At the end of the day, you would love to play with them. These dogs love to play typical dog games. They will shower you with cuddles and kisses while playing. It would not be false to say that these dog breeds care for their pet parents so much. According to an observation, this breed loves sleeping a lot. Therefore, Boston Terriers do not trouble their pet parents so much. They will not create so much fuss, and the chances of distracting you from your work are minimal.
  5. Loves their owners: Boston terrier loves their owner, and these dogs have the ability to sense the mood in their surroundings. We do not suggest being harsh and rough with your Boston terrier. Boston terriers might be small dogs, but they do not hesitate to give the same treatment. Those who treat them poorly and think they will let it slide. Then you are highly mistaken.
  6. Family Dogs: Boston terriers are not violent and love family members unconditionally. Even strangers, guests, or friends come to the house. These dogs behave obediently. Therefore, you can invite people to your home without worrying about them snapping.
  7. Budget Friendly: Boston Terriers are not expensive dogs. You do not need to spend extra bucks to get a powerful yet calm dog. Boston terrier will perfectly do the job for you. A pet parent does not have to spend too much money on a Boston terrier. Even the total cash to raise a Boston terrier per month ranges from 70 dollars to 150 dollars.
  1. Nasal Issues: Boston Terriers can be prone to sleeping, snuffling, and whistling. Because of the flat nose of the breed, this can cause problems within time and should be allowed when considering buying or adopting.
  2. Gas Problem: The breed has problems digesting specific foods. These contain food products with soy, grains, corn, etc. They need a diet usually consisting of natural and raw foods so as to aid in digestion. These foods are crucial in maintaining the health of a Boston terrier. A diet outside of this will result in an enormous amount of flaunting. It is best to take all the measures to avoid this problem. The natural diet will lower the amount of gas-related complications the animal may face.
  3. Stubborn: Boston Terriers tend to be one of the stubborn breeds. Training a Boston terrier can be a challenging task. A Terrier of strong temperament will hardly do this, but this is another thing to remember for your buying/adopting decisions.
  4. Low Temperature Tolerance: Boston terriers are not unusually the kind of dogs that can live outside for higher time periods. They are sensitive to temperature, environment, and surroundings around them. They need proper care in extreme temperatures. It’s best to make them wear clothes to regulate their temperature in winter. These clothes can be sweaters, jackets or anything else. The same goes for the summer season.
  5. Curious Dogs: A Boston terrier loves to find new things. If they get interested in something, they will run towards it, leaving their pet owner alone. Pet parents usually get so worried about this habit of Boston terriers. However, we have a solution to this nerve-racking issue. We have a list of the best GPS dog collars. These dog collars are best for pet parents. Must read our article to save yourself from this situation. You can use a dog leash for this purpose too. It is helpful in controlling your dog.
  • Cataracts: The Boston terrier, this breed is known to grow cataracts all over the entirety of his life. Cataracts can be seen in Boston Terriers as early as eight weeks.
  • Cherry Eye: The Boston Terrier is known to show cherry eyes. Cherry eye results from the bulge of the third eyelid in the corner of one or both eyes.
  • Heart Murmurs: The Boston Terrier is known for heart whispers that may be treated with a low-sodium diet, exercise restrictions, and medication.
  • Common Problems: These are some common problems in Boston Terrier Breed.
  1. Ear and urinary tract infection
  2. Gastritis problem
  3. Allergies
  • Boston University: A famous university, namely Boston University, has an official dog. This dog is a Boston terrier, and it goes by the name of RHETT. It is an adorable dog with pretty puppy eyes.
  • Hellen Keller: was a famous American author. However, at a young age, she faced severe illness. Due to this illness, Hellen became deaf. Moreover, she could not see anymore. This famous author had a dog. The name of her dog was PHIZ.
  • Skateboard: This breed knows a lot of tricks. These bold, active, and energetic dogs can learn various sports. Even a dog named DEXTER was a skateboard prodigy.
  • Clairvoyant: There was a strange case of a Boston terrier MISSIE. She was from the United States of America, Denver. Missie had supernatural abilities to tell about future events. There is no possible explanation to how she was able to tell everything. Missie was able to state the age of any person, sex of the baby, new political leader, landline numbers, and many more. She touched on the objects or numerical statistics. This way, she was able to communicate with human beings.
  1. Love to Enjoy: Boston tends to be kind-hearted, jolly, and someone who wants an active companion. Boston terriers are quiet and lovely dogs typically, and these dogs are competent, socialized, and wise. These dogs do not become aggressive. However, if someone triggers Boston terriers, they will surely regret it.
  2. Have no Experience: Training a dog with zero experience is absolutely a difficult task. However, your love for a dog might want you to buy a dog. This dog is perfect for everyone who is buying a dog for the first time. Boston terriers are low maintenance. Therefore, you will love this dog.
  3. Lovely Addroable Dog: We all love cute and adorable stuff. Whether we consider things, clothes, human beings, or animals, we love them. Boston terriers have big eyes. You won’t be able to resist their pleading eyes, and you will surely get compliments about your pretty dog.
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