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Can I feed my dog sour cream? safe alternatives for sour cream

If you’re searching for if it’s safe to feed sour cream to your dog or can dogs eat sour cream, this is the best place you are!

The answer is a simple yes. But you should keep in mind a few facts.

Theoretically, dogs can consume tiny amounts of sour cream if they are not allergic to milk.

However, many veterinarians advise against giving your dog dairy products, including sour cream, because they can be hard for dogs to digest and can result in gastrointestinal symptoms.

Your dog will start wagging its tail when sees sour cream but you can shift him to safe alternatives. Are you curious to know the safe alternatives? So, without wasting your time to guess let’s dive in!

What is sour cream?

It is ordinary cream at first, and then the acetic acid bacteria are introduced. This is normally called the Fermentation process.

When this happens, the bacteria transform the sugar in the cream into a unique sour flavor.

In short, sour cream is a dairy product that has been fermented.

Nutritional facts of sour cream

Sour cream is made by fermenting cream with bacteria B. bifidus and L. lactus.

These microorganisms create lactic acid, which gives sour cream its mildly sharp taste.

Even though these bacteria are killed during the fermentation process, some companies keep their Probiotic properties.

The nutritional value of sour cream is determined by its fat content and company.

A spoonful of sour cream often provides:

  • 2.3 g fat
  • 22 kilo-calories
  • 7 mg cholesterol
  • Saturated fat: 1.5 g
  • Protein and carbohydrate content are both less than a gram.
  • 1% of the DV for vitamin A and calcium

Possible concerns of feeding sour cream

Offering your dog sour cream if he isn’t allergic to milk carries a few concerns, according to the nutritional information mentioned. Some of them are listed as under:


Feeding your dog a spoonful of sour cream gives him 22 kilo calories.

  • If your dog consumes an entire cup of sour cream it exposes him to 352 calories.
  • Excess calories are not suggested for dogs because they can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, which can even shorten your dog’s lifespan.
  • To maintain a healthy weight, most dogs should consume between 24 and 31 calories every 1 pound.
  • Worse, 90 percent of the calories in sour cream come from fat, with saturated fat accounting for around 61 percent of the fat content.
  • Saturated fat is considered a “bad” fat since it raises cholesterol levels in your dog’s bloodstream, increasing the risk of stroke.

Fat content

As listed above sour cream has a very high-fat content. If your dog consumes sour cream it means he consumed a high-fat content that is dangerous.

Any food with high-fat content produces a variety of health problems, including excess weight, cardiovascular disease, and pancreas inflammation.

Puppy or an adult dog eats sour cream

After their puppy years, a dog’s physiology is not built to digest dairy of any kind (after weaning). As a result, avoid overfeeding your dog on dairy products such as sour cream.

Dairy can be a good dietary supplement for puppies during their puppy years. This will enable them to develop into healthy, and robust adult canines.

However, once they have passed through this stage of their lives, it is definitely preferable to limit their dairy pleasures to a minimum level.

Based on your dog’s level of lactose sensitivity, they may endure slight pain by consuming sour cream.

Side Effects of sour cream

Because sour cream is not poisonous to dogs, he should be alright after consuming a little amount and there is no reason to be concerned.

If he is lactose intolerant, he may endure

  • Minor diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration

However, you should not be concerned about these symptoms because they will go away on their own mostly.

keep an eye out for signs of indigestion. If you find your dog acting unusually sick, sleepy, apathetic, and unable to keep anything down – contact your vet.

Consuming too much sour cream

If your dog accidentally consumes too much sour cream it is better you consult a vet. He can show the following symptoms

  • Muscle pain and stomach ache
  • Cramping.
  • Gas.
  • Nausea
  • An allergic reaction, such as a skin disease, may occur in your dog.

Following are some measures you can adopt to settle his disturbed gastrointestinal tract.

  • Allow him to fast for 12 hours. If he can drink, you can give him water. If he is unable to do so, consider giving him modest doses of Oral hydration salt.
  • Provide him with a plain diet of boiled beef or chicken with rice. Continue the bland diet for a day or until his poo thickens.
  • Other treats should be avoided.

Safe alternatives for sour cream

If your dog loves sour cream but consuming too much is unhealthy for him you can shift him to safe alternatives. Some alternatives for sour cream are

Mashed Bananas

Nothing sounds “natural” like bananas. They are high in vitamins and minerals and make an excellent treat for your four-legged friends.

Simply place some ripe bananas in a blender or beat them with a spoon until smooth and creamy.

Don’t overfeed bananas to your dog as they contain sugar.

Ice cream for dogs

Doggy ice cream is a specially made product that can be a terrific substitute treat for your dog, hot sunny summer day. They are meant to replicate dairy, which your dog will undoubtedly enjoy, but without the negative side effects.

Final words

Your dog can enjoy a tasty treat made of sour cream. Canines get delighted when they see Sour cream and begin drooling and licking their lips. It is critical to be aware of the potential drawbacks of feeding your dog sour cream. Sour cream is safe to share with your pet in very little amounts on occasion. Always serve simple, low-fat sour cream to them. If you’re not sure if they’re lactose intolerant, start with a small amount and watch for ill effects.

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