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Dog Gone Trouble Movie 2021! Quick Overview

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Are you searching for a movie with a blend of love, sadness, fun, and a gentle touch of reality to watch this weekend?????

Recently I was looking for a way to laugh. I made some discoveries like open your mouth, smile, make a few chuckles, and then leave yourself to do the next job of laughter. It feels kinda funny if we are practicing it in a public place. Whenever we get sad we need to watch something funny that makes us feel lighter. The same job is done by this animated movie “ Dog Gone Trouble.”

It’s hard to continue when a movie exceeds 90 minutes and we happen to lose interest and skip it forward again and again. To do something combined with fun, reality, and seriousness in less than 90 minutes is a hard job. If you are searching for a movie to watch this weekend with a blend of all emotions we highly recommend you to watch this animated movie.

Dog Gone Trouble Info

Trouble, a pampered dog, must learn to live in reality while attempting to flee his former owner’s greedy children.

Genre Comedy, Animation, Kids and family
Original LanguageEnglish
Writers Jordan Katz, Judah Miller
DirectorKevin Johnson
ProducerDanielle Sterling
Streamed InMay 2021
Run Time87 Minutes

Dog Gone Trouble Cast

Big Sean as TroubleVoice
Pamela Adlon as RouseyVoice
Lucy Hale as Zoe BellVoice
Snoop Dog as SnoopVoice
Kevin Chamberlin as JamesVoice
Joel McHale as NorbertVoice
Betty White as Mrs. VanderwhoozieVoice
Dog Gone Trouble Cast

Short Summary

The theme of home is central to “Dog Gone Trouble,” a story about a lost dog whose owner has recently died. 

Trouble (a dog) begins the film living a life of luxury in a mansion, a very far cry from the life of a street dog. Wait a minute. Whaaaaaaat? Have you misread the name or are you thinking about wiping off your glasses? No, it’s the right thing you’ve read. A dog named Trouble. Is this guy really gonna create a lot of trouble? Let’s see! 

        Mrs. Sarah Vanderwhoozie dies, and her selfish niece and nephew lure in to claim Mrs. Vanderwhoozie’s possessions. What’s the catch? If they want her money, they must also take care of her dog (trouble).

         After the death of the owner her daily used extra stuff is loaded in a truck to be disposed of. Trouble jumps into the truck and unnoticing man shuts the door and trouble finds its way in a jungle.

         A pile of  charming compilation of Trouble and Mrs. Vanderwhoozie pictures slips during the uneven jumpy track. Then there’s a touching scene in which Trouble paws at glamorous paintings of Mrs. Vanderwhoozie weeps, curious to know why she’s gone.

In the Jungle Trouble had its first encounter with dancing squirrels. Dancing and hoping every time as if a helical spring remains vibrating after squeeze..laughters. Trouble gets stuck in a tree trunk the squirrels help him pull out. But to his dismay he throws all of their nuts out from the tree hole. Squirrels steal his collar and run away. Naughty and yes more annoying squirrels chase him till the end to get their nuts cleaned and gathered back, keep on suggesting highly funny nut jokes.

Once he gets out from the jungle he meets Rousey, an outside dog with a crumpled soul. While spending one night out with Rousey, Trouble enters a domesticated dog park where he meets Norm, Gizmo, Bella, and Tippy, who somewhat help him find a home by having him play in traffic, where he gets picked up by Zoe, and she takes him home. Zoe Bell was a pizza delivery girl and wanted to be a singer. She had first encounter with Rousey and Trouble and lost her pizza as Rousey grabbed it and ran away. During a second encounter with Trouble in traffic she takes him home.

The movie is twisted when the greedy children of  Mrs. Vanderwhoozie came to know about her will. They won’t be able to claim any wealth unless they take good care of Trouble. They send an animal tracker to search for Trouble. He finds Trouble and takes help from naughty squirrels to reach him. 

After Zoe shortly leaves Trouble at her flat, the squirrels attempt to flush him out, resulting in a huge mess and Zoe being told to leave by her homeowner. Sadly Trouble leaves her home and is sent to a dog pound where he again meets Rousey. Rousey tells that she was also an indoor dog and oneday mistook for her aggressive behaviour while saving the owner’s child, she was dumped out.

Meanwhile the animal tracker man comes to the pound and takes trouble with him. After Zoe searches for Trouble she comes to pound and not finding Trouble there she gets mad and searches for him everywhere.

The other dogs in the pound make a plan to help Zoe find Trouble.

They escape and make their way to mansion where greedy children of Mrs. Vanderwhoozie were to get all the wealth. Meanwhile Zoe claims Trouble is her dog. The lawyer gets confused and lets Trouble choose his owner. 

Trouble rushes to Zoe Bell, licks her and gets clinged to her. Zoe Bell gets all the wealth. She spent it renovating the dog park renamed as Vanderwhoozie’s Dog Park. She realizes her dream of becoming a singer. And to the dog’s joy Rousey is also adopted by James!

The Reality Uncover

      This animated movie shows us a deep and sad look into human behavior towards little poochy friends. Animals do have hearts and they feel broken if someone dumps them out for just a little mistake and maybe even mistakenly.

Your one little mistake of dumping a dog out can hurt a lot of dogs as animals do talk they can permote hatred about human behavior in their own community.

Don’t hurt dogs. A dog will return your love multiple times as you love him. Spread love and join heart with your doggy fellow. Print paws on heart!

  1. Is Dog Gone Trouble available on Netflix?

    Yes, Dog Gone Trouble was streamed on May 28, 2021, on Netflix, USA. It is available to watch on Netflix.

  2. For what age, Dog Gone Trouble is recommended?

    The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board indicates that this movie is recommended for children of age 7 and above.

  3. How long is the movie Dog Gone Trouble?

    ‘’Dog Gone Trouble’’ is One hour and 26 minutes long.

  4. Which songs are in the “Dog Gone Trouble” movie?

    The following songs are in “Dog Gone Trouble” movie

    Mrs. V, You Can’t Be Gone 
    Off the Truck 
    So Many Smells! 
    Come Here You! 
    Driving to Thurman 
    Home with Zoey
    I Don’t Know Where Home Is 
    Are you here boy?
    Welcome to the Dog Park

  5. Which type of Dog is in bad condition in “Dog Gone Trouble”?

    Trouble a terrier, White, and brown muff is in Trouble in this movie.

  6. How does “Dog Gone Trouble” ends?

    Trouble and Zoe’s friendship is to be repaired by the stray dogs. They escaped from the pound and made aware Zoe of his whereabouts. She must, however, choose one of going out looking for “trouble” and competing in the singing competition, which will help her career. In the end, Zoe opts for Trouble.

  7. Is dog gone Trouble a true story?

    Yes, Dog Gone Trouble is based on a true story.

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