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French Bulldog Breed: History, Care, Info, Facts, and Traits

Are you looking for a dog breed that is a couch potato?. Just as lazy as you are. No need to exercise for numerous hours and training. A dog that is a favorite pet of top celebrities and did remarkable work in world war 1?. Then keep reading this article about a dog breed that fits all the requirements.

In this article, we will cover everything about the French bulldog. Are you confused about buying a French bulldog?. By the end of this article, you will be completely clear about buying or not buying a Frenchie. From the advantages and disadvantages of owning a French bulldog to the shedding level of a Frenchie. Keep reading this article to get clarity and knowledge regarding this dog breed.

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Breed Group: Non-Sporting

Life Span: 10 – 12 Years

Weight: 16 – 28 Pounds

Height: 11 – 13 Inches

Origin Date: 1800

Food: 2 Cups Daily

Food Cost: 27 – 35 USD/Month

Exercise (Daily): 60 Minutes

French Bulldog Breed: History, Care, Info, Facts, and Traits
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You want to know about French Bulldog history. Then the first thing you should know is that French dogs do not originate from France, but England!. They enjoyed a long history as companion dogs.

The French Bulldog has influenced three countries: England, France, and America.

England accompanied English pacemakers to Franc, and they acquired their Frenchie moniker and provided the foundation for our modern Frenchie.

They are purebred canines. You can find these dogs in shelters and rescues. They were created, with breeders in England sending over Bulldogs that they considered too small and with faults, such as ears that stood up. In 1860, French Bulldogs were few Toy Bulldogs left in England, and such was their popularity in France. So due to the exploits of specialist dogs.

They have a distinct barrel-like body, a Brachycephalic (squashed) face, and pointed bat-like ears. French Bulldogs have sleek coats that come in colors such as black, white, brindle, or fawn. The size differences between males and females are prominent.


The height differences are vividly clear when you see a male and female French bulldog. It is not hard to point out the genders of this dog breed.

  • Male: 11 to 13 inches
  • Female: 11 to 12 inches


Even though male French bulldogs are not as heavy as females, Frenchies tend to be more dominant and aggressive than females. However, do not overfeed the dog. Obesity can cause several problems.

  • Male: 20 to 28 pounds
  • Female: 16 to 25 pounds

Life Span

The lifetime for French bulldogs can be as small as 7-10 years. Since they often die prematurely due to shortness of breathing, such as collapsed lungs.

These dogs can live the filled 12-14 years (supposing they do not have the brachycephalic dog syndrome or other diseases causing an early death).

Coat and Color

The coat of a French bulldog is not long. The French bulldog has a unique shiny coat. It makes the coat of Frenchie eye-catching. Thus it is proven that French bulldogs do not have significant coats. Therefore, particular clothing to save from a changing environment is necessary. They do catch a cold easily.

These dogs are in various colors. Often they are in white, fawn, and cream color. You can get a blue merle too that looks royal and is rare. The same goes for lilac French bulldogs.

Additional Traits

  • Males do not nip as much as females carry out as females are quick to aggressive.
  • Males experience a race of aggression. But it is less than females and uncomplicated to correct.
  • Males are the ones who are more likely to show an alpha attitude and attempt to mark their state. There are some cases in which the female French Bulldog will perambulate with an air of dominance. Especially if you had them before the male.

Positive Attitude

These dogs are lovely and lively. These dogs need to spend lots of time with their people. They are kind-hearted and freethinkers. French bulldogs positively react to training. However, do not overdo the training, and as a dog lover, I suggest using training dog collars for your pup. You should have fun and shower your dog with treats and food. Must read our best dog food guide to know the best snacks for your dog.

Cool Dogs

The Frenchie can be cool towards people. However, French bulldogs are also notorious for occasionally being destructive toward other dogs.

Pet for Family

The French Bulldog is a cute, loving, and friendly dog that makes a glorious pet for all kinds of families. Their small size means they can do best in smaller homes, but they are more sturdy than the average small dog.

A French bulldog is honestly a cheerful and friendly companion. But should go out for a small rest break multiple times a day. The Frenchie can be cool towards people. However, French bulldogs are also notorious for occasionally being destructive toward other dogs.

Taking care of pets is a responsibility, not a privilege. They always rely upon us for various reasons such as food, training, exercising, etc. Therefore, being a guardian of them, you need to feel your commitment. Care can take many forms. We briefly outlined some of them below.

Shedding Level

The French bulldog does have enormous and long fur. So people usually assume that these dogs do not have a shedding issue. Well, let me burst this bubble. However, if you are purchasing this dog because you believe you do not have to deal with this issue. Then you are doomed.

These dogs shed a lot during summer. However, in summer, due to the inhospitable environment shedding level decreases. It is helpful, as it keeps these dogs incredibly warm.


Grooming is necessary and weekly. It is best to trim nails, cut some hair and give Frenchie a bath every week. Therefore, we can say that they are high-maintenance dog breeds. However, it also depends on the environment in which a Frenchie lives. The requirements might change a little bit.

  • They need less exercise and grooming than various breeds and are simple to train.
  • As a result of their formal nature, set a plan and stick to it.
  • There are almost two types of training your French Bulldog will need socialization training and potty training. Usually, socialization training is very hard.

Everyone wants a dog as they are the best companions. However, sometimes you have to skip that idea because of numerous reasons. Maybe you live in a dorm and are worried about the barking of the dog. Dog barking is a concern of various pet owners. It can make your neighbors hate you so much. But you do not need to postpone buying this amazing french bulldog because these dogs do not bark so much. French dogs usually bark when they feel danger.

The pet parents facing dog barking issues should refer to our dog collar guide. We have compiled a list of the best dog collars. Train your dog with these effective dog training collars.


Almost 60 minutes of daily exercise is enough for these dogs. French bulldogs can have severe breathing problems, so it is good to do short, low-intensity walks. Keep that in your mind while playing with your precious dog.

They do not require much exercise, but they carry out daily walks to keep their healthy weight. These walks are helpful in keeping these precious dogs healthy and youthful. Ten to fifteen minutes is enough and a sufficiently long time or just a casual stroll around the block. A grown-up French Bulldog walk length can be as far as 3 miles. But it should go out for a small rest break multiple times a day.

Dogs are omnivores like people. So they eat meat, fruits, and vegetables. The ideal French bulldog diet controls a combination of these ingredients. But you want to feed your Frenchie a diet that assembles the nutritional standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Fruits are a great addition to a French bulldog diet, so you only want to feed them as a treat, not a vital part of your pup’s diet. The French bulldog is not a large breed. The food requirement is relatively low. However, they still need proper food for functioning. They eat 20 pounds to 30 pounds of food every month. The food expenses cost 40 to 50 dollars. It also depends on the company food that you are using.

Best Food for Dogs

Vegetables: such as carrots, potatoes, and barley are healthy for corgis.

Vegetables: From the variety of vegetables that a dog can eat, these veggies contain countless healthy vitamins and minerals for your puppy.

Other: French bulldogs usually love the crispy texture of raw green beans, carrots, celery, pumpkin, spinach, squash, and Brussels sprouts, along with fiber to keep him regular as well.

Avoid feeding any food, fruit, vegetables, and products harmful to any dog breed.

You can feed various other food items to your pup. These can be treats, fruits, or anything else. However, most people do not know what to feed a French Bulldog. We have a wide range of articles that tell which food is best for a dog. Must read these articles to know more about a dog’s eating tastes.

The merits and demerits of any pet, especially dog breeds, largely depend upon the expectations of individual owners. However, some of the most significant pros or cons of French Bulldog are below:

  1. Touch is their love language: Who loves to cuddle?. Your dog will shower you with hugs and kisses. A French bulldog does not hesitate to make your depressed day a happy day. You will forget all the stress of your day with just one hug of a French bulldog.
  2. Movie Partner: These dogs love to doze off and merely watch random things with their pet parents. A new k-drama or movie is out, and you do not want to watch it alone. French bulldogs will be the best partner, and they love their pet parents so much they usually follow them around the home. It can be annoying at some point, but after looking at their adorable faces, you will forget your worries.
  3. Cutest Dogs: A French bulldog has a cute face. You will get a sudden burst of happiness and a serotonin booster just by seeing a French bulldog’s adorable face. These precious dogs can fool anyone with cute and beautiful looks.
  4. Barking: Usually, dog breeds bark to the point where pet parents have to use tools on these pups. These tools are for the training and obedience of the pet. These tools are choke chains, anti-bark dog collars, prong, pinch dog collars, and martingale dog collars. However, this breed does not bark a lot. If you are not a fan of using these collars on a pup, then French bulldog is a perfect dog made just for you.
  1. Sports: These dogs totally suck when it comes to doing activities that involve sports. You are going to the mountains and having some fun. Then this dog breed is clearly not the right choice. They hate exercising and doing anything that includes too much muscle movement. You can look at our dog breed sections to find the best dog partner for hiking.
  2. Trainability: They need less exercise and grooming than important breeds and are simple to train. Training them is difficult, but not impossible. Avoid adopting these dogs if you do not want to discipline them. Or you can choose the best products from our training collars. There are various training such as potty training, social skills, and many more. Moreover, these dogs are obstinate to a certain extent.
  3. Flatus: A French bulldog fart is more than an ordinary breed. Moreover, these dogs have pungent-smelling farts. These dogs fart straight at the mouth of the owner. It is a giant drawback of owning this breed. Thus if you want to own a Frenchie, know that they are relatively immature in this category. This habit hardly goes away after training.

Almost all French Bulldogs will suffer from one or more of the most common health problems associated with the breed. These health problems usually develop as early as 2 or 3 years and lead to unexpected veterinary expenses.

We have briefly described some of the critical health issues related to French Bulldog below:

  • Ear Problems: Frenchie’s have very narrow ear vessels. These dogs can get allergic to numerous things. After allergy, the allergic reaction proceeds. During this reaction, many glands in the ear of the French bulldog start producing ear wax. A moderate amount of earwax is essential for the health of a French bulldog. However, when the volume of earwax exceeds an unhealthy degree, it is disastrous. The ear of the canine starts getting inflammation. As a result of this inflammation, the dog can get various hearing issues.
  • Diarrhea: Stomach upsets are a common occurrence in French bulldogs. However, sticking to a healthy diet reduces the chances of getting diarrhea. For checking whether your dog is suffering from any health issue or not. Check if your dog is eating perfectly, vomiting, or throwing up. The color smell of the stool can also determine the health of a French bulldog.
  • Skin Infections: Frenchie has faces creased into wrinkles as she smiles around their snout and nose, handling dermatitis. You can reduce the chances of this disease by proper checking of the skin of the French bulldog. You will see visible rashes or redness of the skin in the suffering area. Thus, after bathing dry French bulldog with a towel. Wet skin folds are an invitation to skin problems, such as dermatitis.
  • Pyoderma: Commonly, skin problems are bacterial skin infections. Similarly develops when your dog has a cut or remove that becomes infected. When your dog gets a scratch or any injury, disinfect it immediately. Do all the first aid processes on your pup. Don’t delay it because it will lead to bacterial infections. Thus, save your precious canine from this ailment.
  • Movement problem in French Bulldogs: Frenchie’s increase in fame and so does their risk for flexibility problems. French bulldogs can develop a range of mobility conditions, from congenital conditions, injuries, and decadence disease. The French Bulldogs are easy to train. Just make sure to give them rewards and treats.
  • Legs Issues: French bulldogs are at risk of getting attacked by numerous diseases. Thus proper care is necessary. These dogs have a history of congenital and acquired disorders. We are not able to completely eliminate these deadly diseases. But still, we can reduce the chances of your dog suffering from such conditions.

French bulldogs are at risk of getting attacked by numerous diseases. Thus proper care is necessary. These dogs Do not ignore any pain or discomfort in the joints or legs of a French bulldog. Immediately run to your nearby vet or dog trainer. Anyone who is available at the time being. This point is essential because French bulldogs can get illnesses because of old fractures. Anything that you look over, assuming it is not a severe factor. It can ruin the health of the French bulldog.

According to a list published by the American kennel club, French bulldogs are 2nd most famous dog breed. This list of recognized pups is by compiling data from United States people.

The French bulldog is not a wise dog. French bulldogs are not even near smart, and they rank 109th in the intelligent breeds in the world.

For those who want to adopt a wise dog, read our articles on the sharpest breeds like German shepherd, poodles, golden retriever, and Doberman pinscher.

During the first world war, the French bulldog was adequately helpful. These dogs used to carry and transfer goods from one place to another. Moreover, this brave pup got hurt twice during this time period. The goods that mutt used to move were essentially cigarettes.

There was a dog back then, and she was famous for her love for art. The name of this art lover dog is Pickle. She loves taking pictures in art galleries. She can also use her sniffing power to locate any artwork. It is an amusing talent that she possesses. During a specific time, some organizations banned animals. Thus animals were not allowed to enter any art galleries. It was due to several reasons. Pickle was not fond of this idea, and she protested against it.

  • Christina Perri: has a tattoo in memory of her precious French bulldog. It is on her left arm that shows how much she loved her first pet. Her first pet was a French bulldog, and she called Frenchie by the name of leixi. Even now, she owns another French bulldog. The name of that French bulldog is pistachio, and you will see the parent and pet duo everywhere. This pet parent duo spends most of the time together.
  • Rock Dwayne Johnson: We also know Dwayne Johnson, as the Rock has a precious French bulldog. Even once, he went to walk with the pup in hopes of exercising the Frenchie. Things didn’t go as planned, and it seems like the pet dislikes exercising. He held the Frenchie in his arms back home.
  • Jason Schwartzman: is not only a superstar, and he also made his Frenchie a superstar. In 2015, both pet parent duo became the beauty of cinema. They worked in a movie which was for entertainment purposes. The name of this movie was Chinese Brothers.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: doesn’t need any introduction. This charming actor also fell for the charm of French bulldogs. He owns a beautiful French bulldog. The name of his French bulldog is Django. Moreover, they post pictures with precious pups quite often.
  • Lady Gaga:  is quite a fan of animals. She owns a total of 4 French bulldogs. It all started when lady gaga fell in love with the first French bulldog, Asia Kinney. She didn’t hesitate to buy three more dogs of the same breed. Asia Kinney is also on Instagram with a huge fan following.
  1. People living in Small Places: It is self-explanatory why these dogs are number 1 to live in small places. These dogs rarely bark. Therefore, you will not get many complaints about these dogs. It is because of various reasons such as they do not bark a lot, they do not require too much exercise, and many more. You can keep these pups at home and get emotional support as well.
  2. Lonely People: Are you in quarantine? Or maybe you are just not a fan of socializing. Bring this dog to brighten up your life. This cute dog will fill your life with happiness. These dogs are best companions. Watch movies with them, go on park walks with them. They are the medicine to cure your loneliness.
  3. People who love Silence: These dogs do not bark a lot. These dogs will keep you company without making too a noise. However, these dogs love to have fun and will make you smile and laugh with their tricks. That is also a reason why city people love this dog. There are zero to no complaints from neighbors about the barking of a French bulldog.
Frenchie on grass
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