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Siberian Husky Breed: Characteristics, Care, Info, and Maintenance

We all know Siberian huskies and how much people love them. Some of you may know huskies because of well-known series like game of thrones. Meanwhile, some of us are in love with how beautiful they look. The reasons for us loving this dog might be different. You may be curious about this dog. So sit down and keep reading this article. You have come to the right place to know about Siberian huskies.

We will explain in-depth the history, pros, cons, and various things you need to know about a husky.

Breed Group: Working

Life Span: 12 – 14 Years

Weight: 35 – 65 Pounds

Height: 20 – 23.5 Inches

Origin Date: Ancient Times

Food: 3 Cups Daily

Food Cost: 40 – 50 USD/Month

Exercise (Daily): 90 Minutes

Siberian Husky Breed: Characteristics, Care, Info, and Maintenance
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The Siberian Husky has a medium-sized and particularly beloved dog. It dates back 4,000 years or further. Although we know they come from Siberia, which is not frequently known is that the breed.

Today that was Originated over hundreds of generations by the native Chukchi people (who lived in the Arctic shoreline region of Northern Siberia) as a live sled dog capable of pulling light loads over. Mostly, long distances in some of the world’s abrupt situations. The Siberian husky derives from Northeast Asia, where the Chukchi people developed the breed specifically for use as a police dog. Generally, they are part of the Spitz family. During the early 20th century, Alaskans grew interested in the breed Siberian husky elicited to the United States.

Huskies have almond-shaped eyes that are generally pale blue. However, they can also be brown, green, blue, yellow, or heterochromia two-color can be gray-black copper-red, or white. Huskie’s eye color is a control gene. Only a few dogs breeds have this rare feature.


Your Siberian husky will start growing in height when between 4 months to 5 months old. You will start seeing significant changes in the height of your dog. At the start, the stature of a male husky is 12 inches. For a male Siberian husky, the minimum height is 13 inches. This height gradually keeps increasing.

  • Male: 21 to 23.5 inches
  • Female: 20 to 22.5 inches


When the age of Siberian huskies is somewhere between 2 to 3 years old, this is the best time to adopt these dogs. You can adopt these later on as well whenever you want. At this time, the weight of a male husky is more than 10 pounds. Meanwhile, the mass of a female husky is less than a male husky. It generally starts from 8 pounds and so on. If your dog is underweight, then refer to a nearby vet.

  • Male: 45 to 65 pounds
  • Female: 35 to 50 pounds

Life Span

12 – 14 Years

The most well-known lifespan of a Siberian husky is 12 to something in between 15 years. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can increase. In an area named Philadelphia, there was a Siberian husky. The name of this husky was Kody. It is reported that Kody lived up to 16 years.

However, there is no solid evidence to support that all Siberian huskies can live longer. Moreover, there is no particular world record to uphold it. So no one knows for sure. However, we still believe that proper care and maintenance will make your pup healthy. It might contribute to increasing the lifespan too.

Coat and Color

The Siberian Husky dog breed has a lovely, thick coat that comes in some colors and markings. Their blue or multi-colored eyes and arresting facial masks only add to the ask earnestly of this breed, which derives in Siberia. The coat of the Siberian husky is elegant and of two different types.

Additional Traits

  • Females tend to be a little easier to train than males.
  • Females often won’t challenge your authority as being the complete leader.
  • Males seem quiet and relaxed, feeling happy to share food compared to females.
  • Females are more independent and cheerful to do their self-supporting compared to males who will look for you more often
  • Males may be more provincial and hostile due to their need to show control compared to females.
  • Males develop to be bulky and greater than females.
  • Males grow up to be stronger than females.


This breed is in love with children and is mainly happy, fun-loving, and tolerant of their misbehaving. But children must treat any dog with respect and not treat the dog violently. Most Siberian huskies are also friendly with visitors and are good watchdogs or guards.


Siberian huskies, unlike other dogs, are bold and catch up on things quickly. However, huskies do not blindly follow everything. They use their senses and mind. Later on, they come to a conclusion about whether to follow that command or show rebellion. Thus, you know now that training Siberian huskies is not a piece of cake. It is best to educate yourself about various training tools and psychological techniques.

Taking care of pets is a responsibility, not a privilege. They always rely upon us for various reasons such as food, training, exercising, etc. Therefore, being a guardian of them, you need to feel your commitment. Care can take many forms. We briefly outlined some of them below.

Shedding Level

All Siberian Huskies shed. Most Huskies will blow their undercoat twice a year. (Normally before a season change). Some Huskies will only buffet their undercoat every year as long as Siberian husky sheds constantly. Bathing and maintaining basic hygiene are highly essential.


The grooming of this dog costs a lot of money. A monthly session can charge from 40 to 50 dollars. Thus we can say that annually only grooming will cost 400 dollars. However, your dog will look luxurious and rich.

It is easy to see why many are a charm to the Siberian’s wolf-like looks, but beware because this athletic, brilliant dog can act independently and test or dare first-time dog parents.

  • Huskies are active and intelligent dogs that can be spoken (often in the form of howling or whining). They need a lot of training and exercise to keep them cheerful and healthy. Many Huskies want to be joyful and love to avoid training, so they can’t walk off-to-lead as they will be off exploring and pursuing small animals.
  • They also need an athletic physical barrier that is high enough that they can’t bound over it and is protected so they can’t delve under it. Serious training is necessary to help your Husky focus its energy. Without enough training and exercise, a Husky may become out of control.

Huskies are very spoken dogs, even without the barking. They communicate in a range of howls, twittering, whines, and sometimes bark. But, if they start barking all the time, then it’s a sure sign that they want your attention. Huskies do not typically bark because they have different ways of communicating. They communicate in several ways, such as groaning, whining, and so on. So, some huskies do bark often, not much. You will be satisfied to have a husky that never barks.

The pet parents facing dog barking issues should refer to our dog collar guide. We have compiled a list of the best dog collars. Train your dog with these effective dog training collars.


Huskies can get benefit from activities such as running. You may require to create different ways to exercise your husky indoors when it’s. This breed is burn retardant that you can expect many holes in your garden. A bored husky indoors or outdoors can be very disastrous.

Working Huskies will need a large amount of food at mealtimes to maintain their weight and blood sugar levels but two meals a day is still enough. Usually, he is a puppy and should eat three times a day. Over time, he will impulsively switch to two meals daily. It won’t damage or injury as huskies don’t eat like other dogs.

Some Siberian huskies eat only one or more than 2 cups daily. You can also buy any dog food that dog trainers and vets recommend. The cost of that dog food is usually 40 dollars. However, if you conclude to choose any expensive brand, the price can increase up to 50 dollars. It is a rough estimate. A Siberian husky does not eat a lot of food.

Best Food for Dogs

Vegetables are good for Huskies and have to contain vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber (commonly called fiber) to your dog’s diet. Vegetables are low-calories. So, you can add vegetables to your dog’s food in modest quantities. Major nutrients contain low calories if you feed your husky regular dog food.

You should check if it provides the needed balanced diet. If the dog food already has everything that fulfills the needs of your pup. Then feed it to your dog.

Some vegetables as treats are low calories like carrots or broccoli. When you are teaching them, you need to spoil your long-haired buddy. Your husky will not gain unwanted weight if you vegetables as tend. During the summer you can freeze vegetables and Present them as they are. Frozen vegetables are appropriate for Siberian husky teething puppies.

Raw vegetables for huskies are the best supply of healthy fiber. It is clearly harmless for the body of a pup. It avoids or relieves constipation, and it has antioxidant things. Siberian husky enjoys chewing on some whole raw carrots. Which will help your dogs to exercise and clean teeth and gums. Some examples are broccoli, cauliflower, Green Beans, carrots, cucumber, beets.

Chocolate and caffeine are equally poor and poisonous for your Siberian husky. Not only for Siberian husky for a dog of any breed. Chocolate and coffee are lethal for dogs.

We all know that our meals are incomplete without onions. We love adding this delicious veggie to our meals. However, do you know you can not feed it to your dog? Avoid feeding onion to your dog in any form.

Grapes are unhealthy for your pup. This fruit is without any doubt healthy for us human beings. For dogs such as Siberian huskies, this fruit can cause various diseases. Thus, it is better to stay away from this fruit. Grapes and raisins are another food that you should avoid feeding your pup.

People usually prefer to celebrate various events with drinking. Now it can be wine, alcohol, or anything in particular. The issue is that your dog can also drink alcohol if you leave your pup unattended. The worst part is that your dog does not have any system to digest this harmful drink. Thus, avoid keeping it near your dog for safety reasons.

Onions, Chive, Hops, chili pepper, Hot Peppers, Raw Potatoes, Green Tomatoes.

We all know how harmful sugar is for human beings. However, you will be surprised to learn that sugar is also toxic to dogs. Your dogs can also get diabetes, obesity, and the same issues as humans. Only if they overeat sugary things. These sugary food items include donuts, cakes, pastries, sugary drinks, and syrupy items.

You can feed various other food items to your pup. These can be treats, fruits, or anything else. However, most people do not know what to feed a Doberman Pinscher. We have a wide range of articles that tell which food is best for a dog. Must read these articles to know more about a dog’s eating tastes.

The merits and demerits of any pet, especially dog breeds, largely depend upon the expectations of individual owners. However, some of the most significant pros or cons of Siberian Husky are below:

  1. Beautiful Breed: Siberian Husky possess numerous traits that draw people to this beautiful breed. While many Siberian Huskies end up being in shelters, it is also the reality that many happy owners cannot get enough of them.
  2. Good Nature: The American Kennel club narrates the breed as agreeable and outgoing temperament, affectionate and kind. Siberian Huskies are very intelligent, and their great personality makes their companions anxious to work.
  3. Full of Fun: Huskies are also very fun-loving and nimble beings with lots of endurance. They enjoy healthy outings, thus making them excellent running, exploring, camping, and biking companions. Breed to pull jumper for very long distances, healthy exercise, especially during cold weather, is much value able by this breed. It is significant to put them to work by putting money into carts and snowboards. So, any person who enjoys the outdoors will love this breed.
  4. Clean and Scentless: Huskies are by nature very pure and big pro for those who want a breed that does not awful smell like a dog. They can be careful and quiet about their coats, frequently licking themselves like cats. The breed hardly gives off any doggy outdoors.
  5. Strikingly Appealing: This breed’s striking coat, upright ears, and brushtail cause a bold appearance that many people get attractive. The freezing blue eyes forward add to the intimidation. So, some Huskies might also have brown eyes or bi-color eyes.
  1. Stubborn Behaviors: The breed’s endurance, extreme Brilliant, freedom nature makes the perfect recipe for a stubborn dog. A Siberian husky is a dog that has a relatively short temper. Therefore, rigid and strict training is mandatory to keep huskies obedient. You may notice this breed staring expressionlessly at you as if they did not hear your command before. They do it so randomly that it might scare you sometimes.
  2. Noise Level: Siberian Huskies may not bark much. However, they might produce sad howling when left alone in the yard and can cause your concerned neighbors to call the policeman. They are naturally very spoken appeal in all types of vocalizations. Their voice is not unpleasing, and you will enjoy listening to them. However, it’s best not to push their buttons, or else they might create unimaginable chaos.
  3. Digging Habits: If you do not mind having a yard relating to Mars. Then you might care less about your Siberian husky digging habits. This trait is natural in the breed, and these pups love to dig. These puppies are packets of energy and can not stay in one place for too long.

Train your dog and control their barking. Explore our best dog products and be a part of breaking this stigma.

Some best products are anti-bark dog collars, prong and pinch dog collars, and martingale dog collars.

Responsible breeders attempt to maintain the highest breed standards accepted by kennel clubs like the AKC and The Kennel Club. Dogs bred by these standards are less likely to acquire health conditions. So, some congenital health problems can occur in Huskies.

The following are some conditions to be attentive to:

  • Hip Dysplasia: A condition in which the hip bone wrench forms abnormally. This condition will lead to difficulty in walking. In some cases, this condition also affects the overall mood of Siberian husky. However, do not worry because there are various treatments. You can see a nearby veterinarian. They will suggest specific treatment according to the condition of your dog.
  • Hypothyroidism: It is a disease where the thyroid does not produce the required quantity of hormones. Due to this condition, your dog can have difficulties performing basic everyday tasks. These tasks are usually eating, drinking, and many more. Even the functioning of the heart impairs as well.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: A group of eye diseases that finally lead to blindness. The initial signs that your dog is suffering from this disease are crystal clear. Your dog might have an issue while seeing at night. However, to confirm your assumption, visit a nearby vet. Sadly, you can not do anything to save your dog from this disease. There is no medicine or cure for this disease yet.

Psychologist Stanley Coren proposed a list of the brightest and most intelligent breeds. Siberian huskies ranked 77 on this list. Almost 138 dog breeds were on this list.

In the year 1925, a deadly disease attacked the health of the people of Alaska. This lethal disease was diphtheria. However, a team of sled dogs was so helpful in reducing this disease. This pack of dogs delivered medicines and serums to the patients. The name of the leader of this group was Balto. Balto was a Siberian husky dog. In the New York central park museum, you will see a statue of a husky dog breed. The bronze statue is in the memory of the heroic work of Balto.

SeQuoi Tenk:  is a famous Siberian husky. This dog is popular for its appealing wolf-like appearance. The color of the coat is brown. However, the eyes of this husky are blue. This dog looks so beautiful and breathtaking. At a simple look, you might think that this dog is not from a husky lineage. However, SeQuoi Tenk is a pure Siberian husky.

Charlie: is a Siberian husky who got an award for being the strongest and most powerful dog alive. In the year 1963, this dog managed to pull a sled that weighed more than 3000 lbs. Everyone was surprised to see the power of this dog breed.

  • Miley Cyrus: is an American songwriter, actress, and producer. She is also a big lover of huskies.
  • Taylor Lautner: model, actor and is well known martial artist. You might know him from the vampire series known as twilight. He also owns a Siberian husky. We all know that life is fun and lively with a lovely active dog partner.
  • Rita ora: is an owner of a Siberian husky. The name of her husky is Bowie, and she loves her Siberian husky so much. We can not resist the cuteness of Siberian huskies at all.
  1. Love to Enjoy: Huskies are friendly and willing to be great. Plus, they are hail-fellow, which means that huskies are cheerful when they are with you. They look to you for friendship, advice, and love. One of the qualities that makes them exciting pets is the desire of a husky to share their life with yours.
  2. Love Wolves: We all know that the appearance of Siberian husky resembles a little too much like wild animals. It especially looks a lot like wolves. However, adopting a wolf is a fancy idea, and not everyone can do it. Thus, if you are a big animal lover, an animal possesses strong characteristics. A Siberian husky is a perfect fit for you.
  3. Love Training: All the experienced and trained dog parents should definitely own this dog. Training this dog can be demanding for dog lovers, which are new to dog training. Dog training is not an easy task. One needs patience, experience, and many more things.

However, we suggest starting with small dog breeds. But if you are a pro in this category, what are you waiting for? Adopt this dog breed right now.

Siberian Husky in Field
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